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Bid farewell to time-consuming searches, endless emails, and tedious phone calls. With Winedering, streamline your process, managing quotes, inventories, invoices, and payments has never been quicker

Commissions or Net Prices

Enjoy flexible commissions ranging from 6% to 8%, or opt for net prices. Access all essential information in real-time, eliminating the need for constant requests for quotes and price lists

Unmatched catalogue

Winedering boasts the most extensive and trustworthy online catalog of handpicked, one-of-a-kind wine experiences. The evidence? Over 25,000 travelers have already booked, with 1500 glowing reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5!

Share with Clients

Looking to save even more time and handle smaller requests effortlessly? Share your personalized Winedering tracked link with clients, allowing them to book independently while you earn passive commissions – all while sipping your coffee

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Become a distributor and select your preferred tool to resell Wine Experiences, Wine Tastings, Wine Tours, and other remarkable Food and Wine Experiences to your clients

4 Tools available to make your work easier!

Marketplace B2B and Booking System

Explore as a logged-in partner.
Effortlessly discover the best experiences based on reviews, location, and prices, with instant visibility into the commissions or net prices allocated to you.
Complete the booking online on behalf of your clients in less than a minute!

Tracked links to share with your clients

Sign up and share a Winedering's link with your clients. We will track this link for 30 days, and if your customer books online during that time, you will receive your commission. While you sleep or drink your coffee. Yes, just like that!

Showcase experiences on your site (2024)

You can showcase experiences on your website with a white label widget. This means that your customers will be able to search, view and book a wine experience on your website without knowing that they are booking through!

Use our API (2024)

If you want to sell our experiences with a deep integration of your flows and user experience, you can rely on our API to collect the entire catalog, interact and filter it, and create, update, delete or view the bookings you have created

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Accelerated in Silicon Valley

Winedering proudly stands as the pioneering startup in the Wine Experiences realm, having achieved the remarkable distinction of being accelerated in the prestigious Silicon Valley!

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Winedering, with its online marketplace and aggregator, is a platform dedicated exclusively to wine tourism, allowing wineries and tour operators to sell experiences that can be booked online by B2C travelers and B2B professionals around the world.

We are currently the best wine tourism marketplace in Italy.
In 2024 we will complete our expansion in France, Portugal, Spain and Germany.
In 2025 we will cover other major wine destinations in Europe. 

You can earn between 6% and 8% commission. It depends on our commission on each experience. You'll see your commission instantly when you navigate on as an affiliate, so you can pick experiences with the best "quality/reward" ratio.

Once you reach a plateau of 50€ you can request to be paid from your dashboard. We pay by bank transfer, Stripe or Paypal.

Certainly! Opting for net prices is a breeze (available since March 2024). Upon logging in, simply select "net prices" instead of "commissions," granting you instant access to these prices for online booking. Payment for net prices can be made during the booking process, and at the end of the month, we'll send you a consolidated invoice for your convenience.

Sure! You can book on behalf of your client or send a link to your client to book. The link will be tracked, so if they book, you will earn your commission.

Sure you can! You can do it with a "White Label Widget" (available in 2024) or with tracked links that will redirect on Winedering. Your fee will be the same!

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